Mouth Watering Turkey Recipes


Whilst there are many foods that taste better after a night chilling out in the fridge, yesterday’s Christmas turkey can divide a crowd. Much rests on how it was cooked in the first place. At the end of the meal I take great pleasure in jointing the turkey, keeping as much on the bone as possible, and claiming every piece of meat so nothing goes to waste. I use a small domestic vacuum packer but wrapping the joints individually in clingfilm works just as well.

When you’re ready to reinvent your cooked turkey, always bring the required amount of meat back up to room temperature beforehand, and be careful not to re-cook it for a second time. At room temperature or warmed through cooked turkey is a delicious ingredient. It can hold its own or pair perfectly with a wide range of flavours.

The following are some recipes that we make at home. Don’t think of them as leftover ideas. They’re simply delicious turkey recipes.

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